The Big, Big Great Lash Mascara

A New Version of the Drugstore Old Faithful

Maybelline’s Green and Pink Great Lash Mascara is ubquitious. Almost every drugstore in the country sells it, and it can be counted on for its cheap price ($4.99 at my drugstore). I used this product in high school, and my mother used it when she went to high school. Now Maybelline is producing a new version of Great Lash. It’s called the “Great Lash Big.” The difference between the new and old version isn’t much. Both Great Lash and Great Lash Big have mascara that lasts long but tends to clump. The Great Lash Big has a much bigger wand than the Great Lash. The gigantic wand is not an improvement. Its hard to apply mascara deftly. Its even harder to apply mascara when you can’t see your eyelashes in the mirror, because the wand is blocking your eyes.


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